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Tuesday 26th August


Girls On Film Festival (GOFF) partners with Transgender Victoria to present independent film's return to the big screen in Melbourne as part of a wild mixtape weekend of film and talk.

T Is For Teacher is the story of four transgender school teachers who transitioned from male to female whilst working in American high schools. Teacher was the debut feature of Melbourne director Rohan Spong, who has since found success with his documentary All The Way Through

Evening (2012) which screened for 13 weeks in Melbourne, opened to acclaim in New York and was recently presented at the US Library of Congress. Teacher will screen as part of the inaugural Girls On Film Festival.

Of the 2008 production of Teacher, which screened in film festivals worldwide in 2009, Spong notes: "I was carrying my own gear across America on Greyhound buses, taking the temperature of the towns and interviewing these remarkable and inspiring women. Some people cried when it was finally screened. I didn't expect the audience would respond to it in the positive way they did. I'm thrilled that this film, my first, is returning to the big screen, and that it will be screening in this context specifically."

Karen Pickering, GOFF's Director, recalls her first experience watching the film "I remember that I was just floored by it," and adds "It's such a moving film and a sophisticated take on the inclusion of transgender women in the sphere of feminism – something that is only just building momentum in the mainstream now.

It was ahead of its time and we knew it was absolutely right for GOFF".

Grace Lee of Transgender Victoria notes: "It's so wonderful to be part of this groundswell in awareness about gender diverse lives. Recent partnerships being forged between a new wave of feminists and the transgender community is an exciting and positive development.

There is a long history of transgender feminist thinkers, writers and advocates. For some time these voices have been lost in the mainstream or have hit resistance from some feminists. Here however with events such as GOFF we have a joining of forces and ideas, which is just fabulous, because there is a lot that trans feminists can contribute to conversations about feminism and addressing the impacts of negative gender hierarchies.

I hope people come along to see this tremendous film and share in the conversations about transgender contributions to feminism."

GOFF is a live mixtape of feminism, film and lively discussion creating an inclusive party atmosphere for feminist filmgoers (and girl gangs) who want to see women and girls in powerful, positive stories on screen.

The inaugural Festival will be held in Melbourne 12-14 September 2014 at Northcote Town Hall.

T IS FOR TEACHER screens at 2:00pm on Sunday September 14th. The film will be introduced by Grace Lee and will be followed by a conversation with Director Rohan Spong and film critic Cerise Howard.

For full program and ticketing information visit

Rohan Spong, Karen Pickering, Grace Lee and Cerise Howard are available for interview. GOFF14 MEDIA CONTACT Festival PR Simone Flanagan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0403292180

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