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(trigger warning on one element of content)

"...the concerns listed here clearly are damaging the health of trans...people."

TransGender Victoria has welcomed the launch of the report "Diversity in Health: Improving the health and well-being of transgender, intersex and other sex and gender diverse Australians" and has called for urgent action on its reccomendations.

The report, published by the LGBTI Health Alliance, was launched at a meeting of the federal Parliamentary Friends of LGBTI group in Canberra this week. The report resulted from an historic roundtable of DSG people in June.

Those attending the launch heard a moving speech from Paige Phoenix, a trans man who outed himself on "The X Factor" in 2011, his experience and how the issues raised by the report related to his own journey. (Trigger warning here). Paige also spoke of his communication with a 21 year old whose struggle with their own gender journey led to repeated cutting. MPs were clearly moved by this story.

The report gives a clear summary of the current situation, preferred ideal and recommendations (by no means comprehensive) in five key areas:

Health, Education and Community Services
Identity Recognition
Health Care
Legal Protection
Research and Evidence

TransGender Victoria spokesperson Sally Goldner, who attended the roundtable in June, stated emphatically that "the concerns listed here clearly are damaging the health of trans and other DSG people. The report gives clear paths forward as to how to improve matters. TransGender Victoria, along with other individuals and organisations around the country, will continue the good efforts already underway to achieve that improvement. The report now gives clarity as to how to proceed."

"We would urge those affected by these issues, their families and supporters to contact their own state and federal MPs as well as those in key areas such as health ministers and Attorneys General and urge immediate action."

For more information contact Sally Goldner, spokesperson on 0407 946 242


Please contact Lifeline on 131114 or visit gendercentre.com if any assistance is required


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