Transgender Victoria Statement regarding the reporting of the murder of Mayang Prasetyo

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Transgender Victoria (TGV) expresses disbelief and shock at the callous and inhuman disrespect shown by the Courier Mail (and other media outlets) in their reporting of Mayang Prasetyo's alleged murder.

Mayang Prasetyo was first and foremost a human being. Her family, friends and others cared about and loved her. TGV believe that the recent Courier Mail reporting of Mayang's alleged murder disrespects her life and memory, as well as people close to her, who are now dealing with grief and loss. We extend our sincerest sympathies to her loved ones.

TGV recognises that an alleged victim's occupation and gender identity is independent from the guilt that should be attributed to a perpetrator of sexual and/or physical violence. Media reporting should reflect that physical or sexual violence against a woman is a choice and hold the perpetrator of that violence accountable. Would a media headline state: "cisgender bank teller killed"? Of course not.

If there was transphobia behind an alleged crime, then that should be reported, not just a person's gender identity in itself.

TGV are deeply concerned that the sensationalist and irrelevant reporting of Mayang's transgender status risks the emotional health of transgender people already dealing with discrimination or the impacts of violence. We also believe such reporting can promote inaccurate and dangerous stereotypes of trans* and gender diverse people as somehow being more 'deserving of violence'.

While TGV cannot speak directly for others, we believe that groups such as (but not limited to) victims of crime, domestic violence survivors and sex workers may also find the reporting on Mayang Prasetyo's murder offensive.

TGV call for respectful media reporting on this case. We also stand alongside those demanding appropriate reporting on other cases of violence against women from marginalised, culturally diverse or sex worker communities; this includes when reporting intimate partner violence, hate crime and/or sexual assault.

We hope that transgender people and others distressed by the poor media representation of Mayang's murder, can take some comfort in the vocal condemnation of the lack of respect shown by the Courier Mail and others. Transgender Victoria urge people to contact the Press Council.

In making a complaint please make it clear that, in line with relevant laws, an excuse from the Courier Mail stating "there was no offence intended" is completely unacceptable.

We also urge people to sign the petition organised by Brisbane Transgender Community at:

We thank those supporting trans*, gender diverse and allied people at this time.

If you require support, contact Qlife on 1800 184 527


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