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TGV Resource Guide February 2018

Updated on 17 February 2018

  • Trans and Gender Diverse Resource Guide
  • Version: 1

Transgender and gender diverse health and wellbeing background paper

Updated on 14 October 2014

  • Transgender and gender diverse health and wellbeing background papoer outlines how and why Victorian health services could more comprehensively meet the needs of Victoria’s transgender and gender diverse population.

From Blues to Rainbows

Updated on 26 September 2014

  • A research report by Elizabeth Smith, Tiffany Jones, Roz Ward, Jennifer Dixon, Anne Mitchell & Lynne Hillier on the health and wellbeing of transgender youth.

MQFF Gen2Gen

Updated on 13 July 2014

  • Two films that were part of the Gen2Gen Community Film Project by the MQFF.

In My Shoes

Updated on 11 July 2014

  • A film by the Sydney Gender Centre of trans youth talking about their lives.

ABC 7:30 Report News item: Transgender young people get fresh support in fight for acceptance

Updated on 11 July 2014

  • An item in the ABC's 7:30 report on transgender youth and TGV and YGender's "What Makes an Ally?" project.

Gender is Not Uniform

Updated on 16 January 2017

  • Gender is Not Uniform is a campaign aimed at supporting gender diversity in schools through inclusive uniforms and challenging transphobia.

Resilience in the Face of Change

Updated on 03 June 2014

  • beyond blue created the following stories from a small sample of the diverse trans male communities assist in providing a greater understanding of the challenges faced by members of this community, and that it provides inspiration to others.

Families Like Mine

Updated on 24 January 2014

  • This guide aims to support parents & families to reduce discrimination and promote an inclusive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, gender-diverse and questioning young people, which is protective of mental health & reduces the risk of suicide.

Membership Form for Transgender Victoria

Updated on 28 September 2013

Annual Report 2012 - 2013

Updated on 27 September 2013

National Institute for Challenging Homophobia (NICHE) 'T' stories

Updated on 03 June 2014

  • The National Institute for Challenging Homophobia (NICHE) has been collecting hundreds of everyday LGBTI stories from regional, rural and remote Australia. The YourStory Campaign tells some of them.

TGV Committee Nomination Form

Updated on 27 July 2013

TGV Proxy voting form

Updated on 27 July 2013

Medicare Benefits Schedule

Updated on 03 June 2014

  • Health care professionals and community members who wish to find out more about the amended Medicare Benefits Scheme item codes can visit the MBS website linked here.
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Transgender Victoria (TGV) was founded in the late 1990s to achieve justice, equity and quality health and community service provision for trans and gender diverse (TGD) people, their partners, families and friends.

TGV uses TGD to refer to people whose gender identity or expression is different from that which was assigned at birth or that which is expected of them by society.

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About TGV

Transgender Victoria (TGV) work with and for, the trans and gender diverse (TGD) community as well as its allies, to create positive change in areas that impact the human rights of TGD people. 

TGV represents the TGD community in challenging discrimination and assists to empower TGD people so that they may lead full and meaningful lives.

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