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Trans Community and the Law

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The intervention of the law, often at the hands of the medical profession, casts a long shadow over the lives of trans* people. Anna Brown, the Director of Advocacy and Strategic Litigation at the Human Rights Law Centre talks trans* and the law.

Any Point on the Kaleidoscope

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Transgender Victoria's Sally Goldner discusses finding her diversity in a gender binary world and finding ways to be yourself and celebrate the kaleidoscope of life. This article was written by her for the Star Observer.

The Birth of a Trans* family

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Activism led by transgender people has meant there is a growing awareness around the issues they face in the broader community, but what about their families? Stephen A Russell from the Gay News Network talks to a mother about her journey with her trans daughter.

Queering the Faith

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An excerpt from Sally Goldner's chapter titled, 'From diversity comes spirituality' as featured in, 'Heaven Bent: Australian lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and interest experiences of faith, religion and spirituality.'

Trans community remembers

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Every year on 20 November, Transgender Day of Remembrance is an opportunity for the community to remember transgender people who have experienced acts of transphobic violence, many of whom have lost their lives.


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With trans and gender diverse issues more prominent than ever before as more people come out, at this federal election we definitely need to consider what a federal government could do for trans people. So, if we ran the country...

Getting Personal

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Transgender Victoria's spokesperson featured in the Melbourne Community Voice discusses talking with politicians and the Prime Minister, forward steps on federal equal opportunity law, and Norrie's case.


Transgender Victoria (TGV) was founded in the late 1990s to achieve justice, equity and quality health and community service provision for trans and gender diverse (TGD) people, their partners, families and friends.

TGV uses TGD to refer to people whose gender identity or expression is different from that which was assigned at birth or that which is expected of them by society.

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About TGV

Transgender Victoria (TGV) work with and for, the trans and gender diverse (TGD) community as well as its allies, to create positive change in areas that impact the human rights of TGD people. 

TGV represents the TGD community in challenging discrimination and assists to empower TGD people so that they may lead full and meaningful lives.

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