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Trans Day of Remembrance

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"Transgender Day of Remembrance was first observed in 1998 to mark the transphobic murder of Rita Hester in the USA and honour other trans folk who lost their lives in violent circumstances. Since that time it has become the most well-known day recognising transgender people and our lives..."

Transgender spokesperson, Sally Goldner reflects on the Transgender Day of Remembrance 

Puberty blockers save lives

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"I'm sure people are heartily sick of the name Miranda Devine following her column on Sunday, October 16, but unfortunately there's another reason to mention it again..."

"Lets get the facts about the effects of puberty blockers and avoid sensationalism", says Transgender spokesperson, Sally Goldner.

Questions please

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While there has been improvement in media treatment of trans people over time, there are still some media — and others — who aren't quite there yet.

It comes down to peoples' lives

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The changes blooming in the new season of rights are the changes regarding the marker on passports and the successful effort in New South Wales by Conor Montgomery regarding birth certificates.

A little less conversation

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"Responses to the [ACT Law Reform Advisory] Council inquiry into the legal recognition of transgender and intersex people in the ACT call for sweeping reforms to the territory's laws to ensure the protection of human rights."

Census stuck in the 80s

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"As I sit down to fill out my census form, I'm limited to one of two boxes for male or female. If I'm someone who experiences intersex, I can hand-write either "intersex" or "indeterminate" so I don't perjure myself – although I'll only have someone at the ABS arbitrarily assign me as male or female at their whim..."

Working together

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"If someone had said to me five, maybe even three years ago, that I would attend two 'wider community' police functions in 24 hours as an openly trans woman, I think I would have replied,

'You've had one too many, please blow into the bag'..."

Transgender Victoria spokesperson Sally Goldner reflects on the positive changes within the police force regarding GLBTI issues.

Keeping the faith

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The state Government's Equal Opportunity Bill has now passed both houses of Parliament and is for all intents and purposes, law. Where to next?

Transgender Victoria spokesperson Sally Goldner summarises the community concerns over religious exemptions.

Sporty spice

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"The list of objections to the dubiously-processed Equal Opportunity Bill continues to grow the more we look at this sad scenario".

"One which hasn't been examined is the apparent desire to revert Victoria to a 'me Tarzan, you Jane' mentality when it comes to participation in sport," says Sally Goldner Transgender Victoria spokesperson.

Happening all over again

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"At the time of writing, all sorts of shenanigans are happening re the Equal Opportunity Bill 2011. Due to Mary Wooldridge missing a division in Parliament, the bill was defeated on May 26. However, it is probable the bill will be re-introduced with changes. Watch this space..."

Enough is Enough

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More than 10 years ago, Enough is Enough was the title of landmark research commissioned by the VGLRL. It showed 20 – 25 percent of GLBT people had faced physical assault. Reports since by ARCSHS such as Coming Forward show little change in this situation.

On the Defensive

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"The recent scandal of homophobia (and let's acknowledge other anti-social behaviours too) in the Australian Defence Force again highlights how overdue the need is for federal equal opportunity (EO) laws protecting GLBTI people"...says Transgender Victoria spokesperson, Sally Goldner.

Tariff protection

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"Recently, I became aware of a teacher, loved by parents and students, who, although motive may have been hard to prove, was most likely harassed out of a job in a religious school due to sexual orientation..."

Transgender Victoria spokesperson comments on the waste caused by religious exemptions to Equal Opportunity law.

Uniting in Diversity

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"I had the pleasure on January 29 to be involved in UNITE, the diversity-focused intergenerational dialogue between younger and some of us slightly older queers (smile)"...


Transgender Victoria (TGV) was founded in the late 1990s to achieve justice, equity and quality health and community service provision for trans and gender diverse (TGD) people, their partners, families and friends.

TGV uses TGD to refer to people whose gender identity or expression is different from that which was assigned at birth or that which is expected of them by society.

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Transgender Victoria (TGV) work with and for, the trans and gender diverse (TGD) community as well as its allies, to create positive change in areas that impact the human rights of TGD people. 

TGV represents the TGD community in challenging discrimination and assists to empower TGD people so that they may lead full and meaningful lives.

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