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A safe season

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As I write the final lobby column for 2010, I'm saddened to hear of an alleged homophobic crime in the Collingwood area.

While every decent human would want to see an end to every violent crime, in the mean time, violence – both queer-phobic and general violence – does happen.

A pink elephant in the room

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Let's start by listing the advantages of discrimination. What? There aren't any, I hear you say.

Spot on. So how come we have put up with it for so long in our own backyard? It's time to tackle the pink elephant in the room: the sexism, transphobia, biphobia, racism and other prejudices that exist under the rainbow.

Past present future

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Saturday 9 October marks 10 years since the proclamation of amendments to Victoria's Equal Opportunity Act to include sexual orientation and gender identity. It seems a good time to pause and ask where we've been and where we go next in relation to issues at the state level.

Preferred options

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Ok, election time and there's a lot to consider. If queer issues are important to you, how is it possible to find out policy detail for all parties? (Policies: you know, those details that get put in third place after opinion polls and spin).

Behind the scenes

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"A large part of the rainbow community is aware of the GLLOs and their vital role in day-to-day situations. The reference group exists to help the GLLOs develop policy, and look at long-term strategic and systemic issues,"...says Transgender spokesperson Sally Goldner.

Blend in stand out don't care

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Often our community seems to end up in a fatal four-way with G, L, B and T in their respective corners. But are labels really the issue or is something deeper going on?

A Healthy Difference

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Sally Goldner TGV Spokesperson reports on Health in Difference 7.

"I recently attended the 7th Health in Difference (HiD) conference and there are so many great things to report I don't know where to start! I think I could write my columns in advance for the rest of 2010 right now..."

Are the times a'changin?

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On March 6th, aka Stormy Saturday, TGV spokesperson, Sally Goldner, (and others) had the privilege of talking with a number of rural SSA young people at a forum held near Daylesford and organized by the hard-working Sue Hackney of Way Out.

Ministry of Queer

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It seems good ideas can disappear into a bureaucratic black hole simply because we don't fit neatly into government organizational charts.

The more things change

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A recent Galaxy poll found 85% of Australians supported equal opportunity law re sexual orientation and gender identity. I didn't see any exceptions or exemptions qualifying that support. So if reports of the Catholic Church threatening ALP backbenchers in marginal seats on this issue are true, the outrage of Victorians needs to be even stronger.

WA transmen victory

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Pressure may be on the Victorian Government to review gender reassignment laws after a Western Australian tribunal ruled surgery should not be the definitive factor in determining a person's official gender. Article from the Melbourne Star.

Positive moves on passports

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The Australian Passport Office has reviewed its policy to make it easier for those seeking a passport in their preferred gender. An Article from the Melbourne Star Observer newspaper.

Comprehensive coverage

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Currently, apart from some workplace protections, there is no protection of equal rights for GLBT individuals at the federal level in basic areas of public life such as employment and provision of goods and services.


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